Engineering Change Management Software for SAP PLM

Transparency, reliability and speed in your product and process changes

For years, the changes of products and production processes have posed a big challenge to companies. Especially when it comes to product changes, it is almost all sectors of a company which are involved in analysing and implementing a change. Therefore, it is essential that everyone involved can access the transaction and master data which are to be changed. Additional information like the inventory at a certain place of storage or the cost of change needs to be available in real-time. Change processes are widely distributed across a company, so they should be transparent and also manageable in a flexible way.

4PEP Engineering Change Management has proven its effectiveness as a tool for integrated and transparent change processes for years, from the idea of a change to its implementation in manufacturing and assembly. Our solution can be applied across a multitude of sectors, it complies with norms and standards like VDA 4965 or CMII.

Success Stories

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Process optimization and standardization using 4PEP Engineering Change Management

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Product qualification and global change management using 4PEP

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Optimized Engineering Change Process using 4PEP Engineering Change Management

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Engineering change management with 4PEP

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Transparent data by means of 4PEP Engineering Change Management

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Engineering Change Management with 4PEP in a pharmaceutical environment

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Using an agile project approach to go from paper process to 4PEP Change Management

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Turn 4 into 1—Standardized Engineering Change Management

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Efficient Engineering Change Processes using SAP® PLM7 and ⁴PEP

Customer Quotes

Siemens Healthineers – ILC GmbH

“As one of the world’s leading providers of medical technology, we have very high demands when it comes to our change management in SAP. With ⁴PEP Engineering Change Management, we could fulfill those demands and maintain our high regulatory standards.”

Lutz Völkerath, Process Project Manager, CLAAS KGaA mbH

Engineering Change Management today

  • The change request/change order is often done using forms (Excel, Access).
  • No integration of real-time master and transaction data into the change process.
  • Distribution of information via paper, e-mail or file server storage. No control of change processes possible.
  • Search, multiple entry of data and manual process control etc. can be time consuming.
  • Unreliable process (incorrect drawing version in manufacturing).

Efficient ECM with ⁴PEP

  • Replacement of already existing forms by a professional business system (SAP PLM).
  • Integration of all master and transaction data (materials, drawings, BOM, stock information, etc.) in the PLM process with the ⁴PEP Engineering Change Management Software.
  • Flexible ad-hoc workflow with definition of teams creates transparent processes.
  • All information is in one place. No redundancy of data, existing data are referenced (single source of truth).
  • Basis for reliable processes by transparency of data and processes.

Change Header Data

With 4PEP Engineering Change Management, paper based processes are a thing of the past. You can flexibly combine SAP standard fields (e.g. WBS element as cost bearing unit) with custom fields (e.g. change originator, date of implementation) in the change header data of ⁴PEP. To geta better overview, you can highlight the header data with color or you can group them into different screens (tabs).


The ECM-Cockpit is the heart of ⁴PEP. It is here that you specify and expand in tabular form the scope of changes across the different phases of changes. From the ECM Cockpit you can execute integrated where-used lists and BOM explosions. You can then use the respective results to transfer the particular assemblies and components to the scope of change at the push of a button. Information correlating with a material like drawing numbers, change numbers, stock or cost information can be displayed and managed at runtime in the Change Cockpit.

Process Management

Change processes have to be controlled in a flexible manner. For this, 4PEP uses the SAP process route, with which you can visualize the individual steps of the process. At any time, there is the possibility to intervene in the process and to change the previously planned work steps – flexibility at its best! You can use the team definition to easily and swiftly define the team involved in the change process. Easy to understand checklists facilitate the carrying out of detailed tasks of the delivered work packages.

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